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Lisa Murphy, Anxiety Counsellor Glasgow

When I was 25 I woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed. My back, for no apparent reason, had completely seized up. Over the next few weeks it gradually got easier to move, but the pain didn’t budge.

I went to my doctor but his only advice was to tell me to take painkillers. This didn’t make sense to me – I knew there must be some way to resolve the issue rather than masking the symptoms with medication.

Chronic pain and my quest for natural healing

At the time it felt like the worst thing that could happen, but I look back now and realise it made me the person I am today. It took me on a quest to find out everything I could about natural healing, both in the mind and body.

It took me eight years to heal my chronic back pain, and during that time I learned yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. I also made radical changes to my diet and lifestyle.

More health issues - losing my voice

My next major health challenge arrived in my early 30s, when I developed throat nodules and lost my voice. This was a disaster for me, as I was working as a professional singer - so losing my voice caused a great deal of disruption to my life.

Luckily I was able to avoid an operation, and instead worked with an excellent speech therapist who gave me various exercises to do, plus strict advice to rest my voice.

Reiki revelation

It was during a Reiki healing session that the reason for my vocal problems became clear. Just prior to me losing my voice, my brother had passed away, and I hadn't given myself a chance to process my grief.

In the midst of the practicalities around his death, I had stifled my own emotions and not allowed them space to be expressed. This had resulted in a physical closing down of my throat.

Surprisingly, when I did the exercises prescribed to me by my speech therapist they would often bring forth unexpected tears, as the emotions became dislodged from where they'd been 'stuck'.

Discovering the mind-body connection

These health challenges awakened me to the crucial link between the mind and body, and inspired me to go to university and study health from both a physiological and psychological perspective.

Further training in natural therapies

After gaining my degree I went on to train as a Counsellor, Yoga teacher, Reiki practioner, NLP coach, and Hypnotherapist. I continue learning and researching to this day, keeping up to date with the latest training in natural therapies so that I can offer my clients the best support possible.

Anxiety counselling in Glasgow

Now based in Glasgow, I specialise in anxiety counselling; bringing my other holistic therapies into my work to enhance and support the healing process.

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