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I offer specialised 4-week programs for adults, couples, and young people, to help you resolve your issues safely, effectively, and naturally.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental problems in our society today. There are so many different forms it takes; for example social anxiety, fear of flying, exam nerves, phobias, fear of public speaking, worrying thoughts, driving test nerves, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

During this course we will get to the root of your anxiety and work on new positive behaviours.
Available for adults and young people.

Not quite ready to work one-to-one with me yet? Then you're welcome to sign up for my free online anxiety course instead.
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Explore emotions

Sometimes we go through times of our life when emotions get mixed up and overwhelming. During these times it can be helpful to talk to a professional who will help you understand how you're feeling and navigate through the confusion.

This program is helpful in situations such as:

* You've recently lost somebody close and it's had a profound impact on your life
* You've gone through a difficult break-up and you're feeling very fragile and vulnerable
* You're undergoing a transitional time of your life and you want to explore how you feel about it all

Whatever your situation, I offer a friendly, confidential, non-judgemental space in which you can feel safe to talk about whatever you need to.

Stress & Overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm can cause a huge amount of problems, both mentally and physically.

If life is getting on top of you and you can't cope on your own, this course provides a safe space where you can get things off your chest, plus some highly effective strategies to cope.


PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a type of anxiety caused by one or more distressing or traumatic events. These events may have happened recently, or many years in the past. No matter how long ago they occurred, they can cause serious anxiety and panic attacks in sufferers.

During this course we will work together to gently disconnect you from the pain of the traumatic memory, using a blend of natural therapies including counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP and EFT.


Getting angry, irritable, moody, or just not talking to each other? Learn how to communicate effectively with your loved ones and develop peaceful happy relationships.

This course is available to couples or individuals. Work on your relationship with your significant other, or simply on your relationship with yourself - as after all, that's the most important one of all.

Confidence & self-esteem

Is your lack of confidence holding you back from life?
Are you passing up job opportunities because you don't have faith in yourself?
Would you like to have a better social life and relationships with others?

This course will help you release those old limiting beliefs and replace them with new updated ones so you can step forward into the life you truly deserve.

If you're not quite ready to work privately with me yet, try listening to my 'guided hypnosis for confidence' to help you raise your confidence and self-esteem from the comfort of your own home.

Anger management

Having angry outbursts then consumed with guilt afterwards? Anger can ruin our relationships, jeopardise our careers, and even have a damaging effect on our health.

During this course you will learn how to control your impulses, safely release those uncomfortable emotions, and discover that elusive feeling of inner peace.

Self-esteem for women

Women are especially targeted by the media and made to feel bad for being less than 'perfect' in any way. This course gives you the tools to fight back against societal conditioning, and learn to love yourself as you truly are.

Be prepared to take a journey in self-forgiveness and self-love, and watch how your life, and your body, shifts as your feelings transform.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotic Weight Loss

Tried every diet under the sun but keep putting the weight back on?
Then it's time to try something new. If your MINDSET isn't right then no amount of dieting will work.

Shrink your stomach without surgery and finally reclaim your true healthy vibrant body using the power of Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss.

Healthy eating

Fed up of craving all the bad foods?
Feeling lethargic and lacking your zest for life?

My Hypnotherapy for healthy eating course helps you to switch your cravings from sugary fatty junk to fresh nutritious wholefoods.
Perfect if you want to lose some weight and gain more energy.

Women's issues

Painful periods... uncomfortable menopause... hormonal disruptions causing relationship breakdowns?

Soothe your body and manage the symptoms using a combination of gentle counselling, energy work, lifestyle adjustments and hypnosis.

Rawfood coaching

As somebody who has followed a rawfood diet for many years, I understand all the challenges and pitfalls of this kind of diet.

During this program I will help you iron out any difficulties you are having, both physically and emotionally, so you can enjoy the immense benefits the rawfood lifestyle can offer.

For more info on the rawfood diet, check out my website

Soul Journeys & Lucid Dreaming

Would you like to go within and discover more about your inner self?
Do you want to access the deep wisdom that lies within your mind?

This course takes you on an incredible journey throughout your past and your future, connecting you at a profound level with who you really are.

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